Since 2016, Yara has been undertaking a rolling programme of improvements across three of their liquid fertiliser sites at Elvington, Chedburgh and Immingham. All sites now benefit from the most modern fertiliser production technology available.

To date, Yara have invested over £7.5 million in the renovations which include everything from NPK blend plant upgrades and new storage tanks to mixer upgrades and infrastructure improvements. The investment also provides increased capacity and improved safety facilities, building on the company’s impressive reputation for safety first.

All the renovations were undertaken whilst ensuring farmer supply to their liquid fertiliser product was uninterrupted, an impressive logistical feat. As Darren Glegg, Yara’s Business Manager for Liquid Fertiliser says, “It has been challenging to manage such a large renovation programme without negatively impacting our farmers, but the team managed to deliver by doing much of it outside of the growing season.”

The increased capacity these renovations offer, provides Yara customers with increased choice and flexibility, allowing Yara to build on their reputation for delivering excellent product quality and reliable customer service.

Yara (formerly Chafer) pioneered the use of liquid fertiliser in the UK over 50 years ago. They are renowned for a combination of product quality, flexible delivery and excellent agronomic advice. It is in keeping with this dedication to quality that the improvements have been made, demonstrating how committed Yara are in delivering the best to UK farmers.